Connect to Your Passion: A Letter from Deepak Chopra

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Passion is the free flow of natural emotional energy that leads us toward the fulfillment of our dreams, desire, and purpose in life. Even though some people feel like they’ve lost their passion or never had any to begin with, in reality we all have passion or we wouldn’t be alive. The reason why so many feel bored, lost, or adrift in life is that they have become disconnected from their deepest desires.

As we are growing up, some of us receive the message that we don’t deserve to have desires, that what we want is unacceptable, or that it’s wrong or selfish to go after our dreams. Or we may feel powerless and think, “Why bother having desires when they will never be fulfilled anyway?” We then suppress our desires, even to the point where we’re no longer consciously aware of their existence.

No matter how deeply we’ve buried our desires, they are a force of evolution and growth that can never be completely halted. When we reconnect to what our soul is yearning for, we will find ourselves naturally expressing our passion and experiencing the expansion of happiness in our life.  Here is simple practice you can use to rediscover your true desires:

  1. Begin by meditating for a few minutes and connecting to the experience of stillness and silence. Then ask what your heart deeply desires and yearns to express and listen quietly for an honest response. For the time being, don’t fixate on any one response, let the journey move wherever it wants to. This part also requires you to develop trust in your inner voice. As the process deepens, you will gain insight into whether a desire is coming from your ego or your real self. Does it feel relaxed and loving? Is it coming from a place that already feels good about itself?  Does it want this for others as well as for oneself? These are the desires that the universe will support and therefore which will be manifested most easily.
  2. Ask yourself, “What are my unique gifts and talents? How can I use them to bring happiness to others and to myself?” Answers always come, but what I have discovered is that many people have such a strong filtering mechanism that they won’t even entertain certain responses and say that they aren’t getting any answers. The important thing when you are listening for an answer is to not to immediately reject what comes to mind just because it doesn’t match your preconceptions.

Just dig in deep and find out what really matters to you. Keep at it and don’t settle for “I don’t know what I have to offer others” or “I’m not really great at anything.” Don’t let yourself get stuck in notions that your passion has translated into work that you do for the rest of your life, or that it has to be grand or spiritual. Let it grow out of what you are doing today, right now, so that you find meaning and value in your present as well.

Continue doing this daily, asking yourself these two questions and writing down your responses as they evolve over time. Over the weeks, let the answers accumulate, whether they are repetitive or contradictory, or both. After a month, take some time to consider the ways in which your desires and your gifts have found expression in the last few weeks. This is the evidence that you are following your passion.  It doesn’t have to be a simple final revelation; it can be an ever-changing process. Understand that everything you need to know is right here, right now and that it’s just a matter of transcending your limited perceptions to experience the passion, joy, and purpose of your life.

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