Abraham – Hicks: How does the vortex feel?

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There have been a few posts featured on Change Your Frequency talking about Abraham and the vortex. These powerful videos explain a lot about being in the vortex and what to do to get there. But there really hasn’t been a video explaining how it feels to be in it fully, till now.

Remember in order to get in the vortex, Abraham speaks about:

  1. Training yourself to talk more about what you want rather than what you don’t want;
  2. Wanting to be in the vortex more than anything and;
  3. Be willing to move in the direction of what you want and no longer continue to beat the drum of what caused you to ask for your desires.

So what does it feel like once you get there?  How do you as a spiritual being feel knowing that you are there with the  vibrational escrow of your desires. Well here’s what it feels like to truly be in the vortex from Abraham:

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One Comment on "Abraham – Hicks: How does the vortex feel?"

  1. admin on Tue, 1st Mar 2011 9:01 pm 

    When I’m in the vortex I feel capable of many possibilities. I feel at one with Source! I feel alive! How do you feel? I would love to know!


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