Tell A New Story – Abraham Hicks

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You have to tell a new story by thinking the thought that gives you relief before the things around you can change. In other words change your frequency.

with love & gratitude, change your frequency

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Abraham Hicks: The Vibration of Who You Really Are

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This video is one of the most powerful videos I’ve listened to from Abraham-Hicks.


  • Anything that has your attention, that in the moment of the attention you feel bad means you are defying who you really are and what you really want. You are sacrificing your alignment of everything you really want.

  • In this vibrational universe there are always two sides to one wave: what you want and what you don’t want.
  • Your negative experience caused you to ask and expand. The larger (spirit) part of you did right now, but your human form did not.
  • The only reason you feel bad is because you expanded and you didn’t go with the expansion. You are separating you from you.
  • Eg. If you say, “That made me so mad!”, it doesn’t make you mad. That caused you to expand but you didn’t go so that’s why you feel angry.
  • You feel bad because you’re focusing on the opposite of what you really want.
  • You not keeping up with the expansion which is causing you to feel bad.
  • Every time you feel bad, it’s because you are offering a vibration because what you are focused upon right now doesn’t match the vibration of who you really are. You are defying the spirit of your being and when you defy the spirit of your being, you feel resistance.
  • If your alignment with who you are is dependent upon anything other than the two relational aspects of you, then you have not control.
  • You have negative emotions because you are now something more than you are letting yourself be. You emotions are giving you real time feedback about how well you’re keeping up with you.
  • Anything that’s manifested is old news. The only reason it has manifest is because you’ve found a way to become in vibrational alignment with it. What you expect manifests.
  • Everything you feel is about your vibrational relationship with the spirit, soul, source of that which is you.

    …with love & gratitude

    Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life – 10

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    Video Points:

    1. Release the negative energy by screaming, playing tennis, hitting a few pillows.
    2. If you have a pain, release the energy.
    3. ‘Beat the pillows’ at least once a week.
    4. ‘I do not choose live in the past nor be held back in the past any longer.  I choose to live in the now and build a wonderful new future.’
    5. Humans create foolish limitations for themselves.  Do not let those beliefs from the past hurt you in the now. Release them.
    6. Living fully in the moment we cannot be hurt by the past.
    7. With our past experience, just remember them but let them go.
    8. Create a list of what are you are willing to let go of? Watch how your body reacts. What do you have to choose to believe to let go of the limitations.
    9. Forgiveness opens the doorway to our love and joy. Forgiveness is the answer to any problem. Love is the answer to every problem and the doorway is through forgiveness.
    10. Emmet Fox exercise for releasing resentment: Close your eyes and visualize a small stage. Put the person you resent the most.  See the person clearly.  Now see good things happening to that person. See them smiling and happy.  Know that you have dissolved a huge chunk of resentment. Now take that person off the stage and place yourself there.  See yourself smiling and happy and be aware that the abundance for the Universe is available for everyone.
    11. Look in the mirror and say, ‘The person I need to forgive is ….and I forgive you for….’ Think of everyone you can think of.  If working with at partner let the partner answer, ‘Thank you and I set you free.’
    12. When you have forgiven other people, forgive yourself.  ‘I forgive myself for…’