Abraham Hicks: The Vibration of Who You Really Are

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This video is one of the most powerful videos I’ve listened to from Abraham-Hicks.


  • Anything that has your attention, that in the moment of the attention you feel bad means you are defying who you really are and what you really want. You are sacrificing your alignment of everything you really want.

  • In this vibrational universe there are always two sides to one wave: what you want and what you don’t want.
  • Your negative experience caused you to ask and expand. The larger (spirit) part of you did right now, but your human form did not.
  • The only reason you feel bad is because you expanded and you didn’t go with the expansion. You are separating you from you.
  • Eg. If you say, “That made me so mad!”, it doesn’t make you mad. That caused you to expand but you didn’t go so that’s why you feel angry.
  • You feel bad because you’re focusing on the opposite of what you really want.
  • You not keeping up with the expansion which is causing you to feel bad.
  • Every time you feel bad, it’s because you are offering a vibration because what you are focused upon right now doesn’t match the vibration of who you really are. You are defying the spirit of your being and when you defy the spirit of your being, you feel resistance.
  • If your alignment with who you are is dependent upon anything other than the two relational aspects of you, then you have not control.
  • You have negative emotions because you are now something more than you are letting yourself be. You emotions are giving you real time feedback about how well you’re keeping up with you.
  • Anything that’s manifested is old news. The only reason it has manifest is because you’ve found a way to become in vibrational alignment with it. What you expect manifests.
  • Everything you feel is about your vibrational relationship with the spirit, soul, source of that which is you.

    …with love & gratitude

    Creative Interpretation Of Law Of Attraction

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    No one is devoid of desires and dreams. The goals may be material or spiritual, or both. The average person seeks the material and the spiritual seeker looks for manifesting God through the practice of spirituality, via meditation or prayer. All seem to be seeking fulfillment of their dreams in one way or the other.

    The art of manifestation consists of creating physical reality by deftly employing the power of mind. Everything proceeds from the mind and is therefore, its creation. The creation of realities, however, depends on so many factors. We draw to us what we expect, so be careful about what you ask for, as you might get it!

    How to reach out to your goal? First, have faith in yourself, have positive thoughts and visualize success. Shun thoughts that discourage you. Vague and negative thoughts are a hindrance. Your intentions and expectations have to be firm and clear before you can create your own reality.

    According to the Law of Attraction (LOA) also, creative visualization and affirmation are the keys to manifestation. Creative visualization requires good concentration and imagination to visualize your goal so intensely that your subconscious mind believes it is possible. Affirmation gives direction to your thoughts.

    The LOA is also based on the law of karma, of the principle of cause and effect. Positive thoughts send positive signals to the universe. The power of your mind then acts on the universe to manifest your desires. Visualizing negative results can bring negative sequence of “coincidences” that stand in the way of manifesting dreams.

    We are made up of energy that acts on the basis of changes in the vibration frequency that is taking place every moment. The best way to successfully manifest dreams is to alter any situation by consciously clearing your energy field. The Reiki technique the art of tapping into universal life force energy for healing is a simple and effective way to clear your energy field by aligning your vibration frequency.

    Reiki can help you acquire divine guidance and enable the manifesting process in an easy and safe manner. But the ethics of Reiki demand that you do not ask for something that may deprive someone else. For example, asking for someone else’s job by taking away his position is not only unethical but can also have karmic consequences.

    A manifestation triangle duly energised with Reiki is an effective tool to manifest your positive desires. Reiki being positive energy does not permit anything negative to manifest. As intention, affirmation and love make Reiki move, the triangle can work well even for those who are not into Reiki.

    The advantage of manifesting through a triangle is that it enables you to focus on visualisation of your goal, reinforces it and crystallises the outcome. All obstacles get dissolved since Reiki is known to remove all energy blockages.

    The simple steps involved are:

    1. Draw a triangle on a piece of paper writing your name at its left corner, the goal in brief at the right corner.

    2. Also write inside the triangle that you are manifesting this for the highest good of all.

    3. Connect to Reiki by intent raising your hands upwards, palms towards the sky. Feel the warmth or tingling sensation in your palms.

    4. Now placing the paper between your palms, give Reiki to it for five minutes twice a day. Trust that your goal is taking shape.

    5. Gassho give thanks in prayer position.

    6. Repeat the process for a few days till your goal is manifested.

    Happy manifesting.

    The writer is a Reiki Sensei based in Dehradun. E-mail: vn.mittal@gmail.com



    Abraham Hicks: Fine-Tuning Manifestation

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    1. If you have a goal to accomplish something and it hasn’t manifest yet, then there is still an awareness of it’s absence which will hold it in suspension indefinitely
    2. If your goal is to get in the vortex, you can accomplish all that you want immediately and at the same time you will stop disallowing everything you’ve been asking it to come
    3. Rather than being aware of the missing pieces, have a conversation about what’s working
    4. Focus on what you already do know that matches what you want
    5. Focus on the pieces that have already been completed
    6. Amplify, amplify, amplify the pieces that have come into place in such a way that the missing pieces become irrelevant
    7. Use what you’ve got as your reason to be in the vortex, not what you don’t have as your motivation to be in the vortex
    8. Don’t talk about the things that you don’t have, focus on something that’s already wonderful and in your life
    9. Think and feel your way to your goals
    10. Ease up on the action and the making it happen and get more into the allowing it to happen
    11. Do what makes you feel good to get into the vortex

    11 useful tips for how to use The Secret!

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    Try to implement all 11 tips in your life today.  I liked these tips:

    1. Don’t worry
    2. Smile
    3. Be grateful
    4. You can’t have anything you want, you will be only experiencing the wanting. Visualize you have it now.
    5. Enjoy your life in your human form


    Manifest Your Mate with the Law of Attraction

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    The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction

    Author cred A public relations expert (with clients such as Deepak Chopra and the Chicken Soup for the Soul books), Ford based this book on the tools she used to find, at age 44, her husband Brian.

    The gist By using the “Law of Attraction” and processes called “feelingizations,” you can clear out emotional baggage that will allow you to become a “magnet for love.”

    Sample chapters Belief; Savour the Waiting; Are You Ready for BIG LOVE?

    Opening passage “I fell madly in love with someone who I believed with all my heart was The One. He was an ambitious Hollywood producer, and we had even started house shopping and discussing marriage. Then I found out he had been having an affair.”

    Purchase at Amazon

    How Thought Spiritually Manifests Through Life

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    How Thought Spiritually Manifests Through Life – Law of Attraction Classics: Ralph Waldo Trine

    This gives us the inner guiding which we call intuition. ‘Intuition is to the spiritual nature and understanding practically what sense perception is to the sensuous nature and understanding. It is an inner spiritual sense through which man is opened to the direct revelation and knowledge of God, the secrets of nature and life, and through which he is brought into conscious unity and fellowship with God, and made to realize his own deific nature and supremacy of being as the son of God.

    Spiritual supremacy and illumination, thus realized through the development and perfection of intuition under divine inspiration, gives the perfect inner vision and direct insight into the character, properties, and purpose of all things to which the attention and interest are directed…..

    It is we repeat, a spiritual sense opening inwardly, as the physical senses open outwardly, and because it has the capacity to perceive, grasp and the truth at first hand, independent of all external sources of information, we call it intuition. All inspired teaching and spiritual revelations are based upon the recognition of this spiritual faculty of the soul, and its power to receive and appropriate them…..

    Conscious unity of man in spirit and purpose with the Father, born out of his supreme desire and trust, his soul through this inner sense to immediate inspiration and enlightenment from the Divine Omniscience, and the co-operative energy of the Divine Omnipotence, under which he becomes a seer and a master.

    ‘On this higher plane of realized spiritual life in the flesh the mind holds the impersonal attitude and acts with unfettered freedom and unbiased vision, grasping truth at first hand, independent external sources of information. Approaching all beings and things from the divine side, they are seen in the light of the divine Omniscience.

    God’s purpose in them, and so the truth concerning them, as it rests in the mind of God, are thus revealed by direct illumination from the Divine Mind, to which the soul is opened inwardly through this spiritual sense intuition.’ Some call it the voice of the soul, some call it the voice of God, some call it the sixth sense. It is our inner spiritual sense.

    In the degree that we come into the recognition of our own true selves, into the realization of the oneness of our life with the Infinite Life, and in the degree that we open ourselves to this divine inflow, does this voice of intuition, this voice of the soul, this voice of God, speak clearly, and in the degree that listen to, and obey it, does it speak ever more clearly, until by-and-by there comes the time when it is unerring, absolutely unerring, in its guidance.


    Manifestation Exercise # 1 – The Gratitude List

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    By Janeen Clark

    I guess it was about 10 years ago when I had hit one of the greatest “funks” in my lifetime.

    It was right after Thanksgiving. My husband had been let go from his job because of an untrue rumor someone had spread about him, and we lost a major Christmas bonus we had been counting on. My online business was doing poorly because people were saving their money for holiday purchases. We were behind in all of our bills, creditors were calling constantly and of coarse Christmas was on its way and we didn’t have an extra dollar to spend on it. My husband and I were taking the stress we were both going through out on each other, and the guilt we felt over our sons growing Christmas list made us feel even worse.

    It was about this time that I came across the Gratitude List suggestion.

    I had already been studying the Law of Attraction principles for quite some time, but hadn’t quite mastered it yet. I was still at a point where my current “reality” problems took up more of my thoughts than the new reality I wanted to focus on. I had learned, however, about synchronicity (the coincidences Universe or your higher self keeps bringing to you when it really wants you to notice something.)

    In one weeks time I had come across the Gratitude list idea in three different places. In an online article, in a book I was reading and then I heard it on television.

    Anyway I got the hint. Obviously, this was something I was supposed to do.

    Like I said, this was a really bad time for me. So trying to focus on good things at this point was extremely difficult. But then I figured who am I to argue with what the Universe was clearly trying to tell me? I decided to follow some of the examples I had heard in the three places mentioned above; and regardless of my current circumstances at the time, tried to look for things to be grateful for.

    It seemed tough at first. My negative thoughts kept trying to come through – but I was determined. I would find even the smallest things to be grateful for.

    I found it to be much easier than I ever thought it could be.

    While I can’t find my original list (I believe it was on my old computer) I do remember most of what I wrote those first couple of days.

    Things I Am Grateful For:

    I am grateful I am alive today to give this life thing another shot (that is still one of my favorites)

    I am grateful I am healthy and pain free

    I am grateful I have my freedom (I mean I could’ve been in jail or a hospital bed – so things weren’t that bad)

    I am grateful for my healthy family and friends.

    Even though I don’t have a lot of money right now- I am grateful I will spend the holidays with all of my friends and family. It was my favorite time of year.

    I am grateful that we live in a nice, safe, clean apartment.

    I am grateful we have enough money to eat today.

    I am grateful that while behind in my utilities, I still have my heat and electricity and cable today.

    I am grateful for my clean water to drink and shower with (think how many people in the world don’t have even those basic things)

    I am grateful for my pets who love me so much

    I am grateful for the funny emails my friends who care about me send to me.

    I am grateful for this computer to receive them on.

    I am grateful for the internet that brings me all the answers I want in less than 5 minutes time (remember how long it used to take just to try to find information before the internet?)

    Anyway I came up with a bunch of other things in those first few days. I would spend my first 15 minutes of the morning with my cup of coffee typing out my list.

    While at first I was just going through the motions I found I did feel a little better each morning after I was done. What was more surprising to me however, was the lasting effects it was having without my even being aware of it.

    Around the third day, I remember waking up feeling “lighter“ somehow. Before I started my lists I had been waking every morning with a knot in my stomach and a feeling of dread about all of the things I was going to have to unwillingly deal with that day. By the third day however, I found myself waking feeling a little calmer. A little happier. A little bit more confident that I could deal with whatever came my way, even though none of my outside circumstances had changed yet.

    Seeing as that I wasn’t doing anything different other than my grateful list I realized that it had to be the reason. This got me excited and I decided to really go to town on my list.

    I started looking for even the smallest things to be grateful for.

    The laugh I had the day before hearing a funny story.

    An unexpected gift from a neighbor.

    My mom’s chocolate chip cookies

    Decorating my apartment with my well loved holiday decorations that I kept in storage (and it didn’t cost me a cent).

    The wonderful cards arriving in the mail from my friends and family with pictures of their healthy growing children.

    The holiday decorations going up around the neighborhood making everything more festive.

    Sure enough I found the more I did the list every day, the better I felt right after I did it as well as generally throughout the day. I also found myself taking note of little things to be grateful for all day long so I could add them to the next mornings list.

    With Law of Attraction being what it is, sure enough my outside circumstances started to change as well. My husband found another job through an unexpected connection, we received a check from his old company from an account that we had forgotten he had, my mother surprised us by purchasing almost all of the items on my sons Christmas list as a gift to us and I found myself having one of the warmest Christmas’ I could ever remembering having. Simply because for the first time I truly appreciated all that I had.

    If you want to attract wonderful things into your life, one of the fastest ways to do it is to start being grateful for what you have right now. And I don’t mean by just giving it lip service. I mean really feel the gratefulness as you write your list. Truly imagine what it would be like to not have so many of those things you take for granted in your life.

    The Law of Attraction brings to you what you focus on, think about and the vibrational frequency you are working from. If you are spending your time thinking about all of the wonderful things you can be happy about – the universe will naturally respond to that vibration and bring you even more.

    It is a simple 15 minute exercise that costs you nothing but can make an incredible difference in your entire life!

    So start today! You have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain!

    Happy Creating!